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Residential & Commercial Pressure Washing Services

Trotta's powerful and safe "soft wash" cleaning service blasts away years of dirt, mold and grime, saving you time and improving the curb-appeal, value and lifetime of your property.

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Wood Restoration/Decks

Wood Restoration, Decks, Houses

Trotta’s Power Washing offers some of the very best warranties available for wood care and restoration. We offer a 2-year full warranty for all horizontal deck applications and a modest 5-year full warranty for all vertical wood applications.

Washing and sealing/staining wood is the bread and butter of our business here at Trotta’s, providing service to nearly five hundred projects each year.

Trotta’s Power Washing Inc. provides professional cleaning, restoration and sealing services for all decks, fences, houses, docks and other wood structures within Northeast Ohio.  Whether it be new construction or 40-years old and severely neglected, Trotta’s technicians have the proper expertise/skills to restore, beautify and protect that wood for years to come.

We perform these services on a variety of different types of wood. Some examples are:

  • Pressure Treated Pine
  • Cedar
  • Redwood
  • Brazilian Hardwoods/IPE
  • Solid Color Staining Available

Why choose us?

On weathered decks/siding we have a restoration process second to none.   Our very own 4 step wood restoration process (see below) uses proprietary strippers, cleaners and brightening agents to prepare and restore your wood bringing it back to it’s natural appearance.  We have literally taken 20 year old decks/homes and made them look like new again.

Once dry, our technicians will return to complete the staining and sealing portion of the project using our Flood CWF-UV5 wood toner.   Our finish is generally airless spray applied and back brushed to achieve proper penetration/coverage. One heavy saturation coat is applied to your railings/spindles/verticals and at least two coats on the floor/horizontals as they are always exposed to heavier weathering (therefore much more absorbent).  

Our process for wood care is not something we learned from a book. Rather it has evolved over many years of trial and error. Trotta’s Power Washing has developed a unique process that provides outstanding results.  Keeping up on the latest techniques and products available on the market is an important aspect of providing you with outstanding service and a quality product.  We also blend our very own specially formulated cleaning and finish removal products enabling us to better suit the product to the job at hand.

Our 4 Step Process

Step 1: Evaluating Your Wood/Free Consultation

The first step in restoring your deck, log home,  or other wood structure is the evaluation process.  It’s with this that we are able to determine exactly what your project needs in order to restore the natural beauty back to it.  During this process we provide consultation, obtain dimensions, and record the overall condition and finishes presently applied.  We also discuss our cleaning/prep process, provide samples of the natural finishes we offer, and your guaranteed price!

Step 2: Restoring Your Wood

Depending on the present condition of your wood structure, this step will consist of finish removal and/or a deep cleaning of the wood.  Trotta’s strips as much existing finish as possible to ensure our stain/sealer lasts the proper length of time.  Some coatings remove quite easily while others may require multiple steps for removal.  If a finish does not exist on your wood, the wood is just greyed out naturally, a deep cleaning is initiated in order to remove the mold, mildew, dirt, and general fallout that collects on the surface.  The graying (dead wood fibers that form on surface of wood) is also removed during this process to reveal the natural look of the wood. Trotta’s uses a variety of proprietary wood strippers/cleaners to fulfill optimal results.

Step 3: Brightening & Neutralizing Your Wood

One of the most important steps of the entire process is the neutralization of the cleaners and agents previously applied.  This provides a neutral pH for the wood as well as removes stubborn tannin staining (most importantly for cedar, redwood, and Brazilian hardwoods).  This is accomplished through the use of our specially blended brightening agent and the strength can be adjusted on a per job basis.  After application and a short dwell period a final rinse of the entire structure ensuring the wood is ready for finishing once dry.

Step 4: Sealing and Staining Your Wood

The final step and most gratifying is the sealing of your wood. Through the use of our application system we provide exactly what your wood needs in order to last!  Every wood project differs in the amount of sealer needed for proper protection.  This is determined by the past maintenance, species, and age of the deck.  Our technicians will apply your chosen finish to meet the standards we have set as well as the manufacturer of the finish.  Proper preparation and application is the key to longevity in a wood finish. Trotta’s Power Washing offers a full 2-year warranty for all horizontal deck applications, and a 5-year full warranty for all vertical applications.

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