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Residential & Commercial Pressure Washing Services

Trotta's powerful and safe "soft wash" cleaning service blasts away years of dirt, mold and grime, saving you time and improving the curb-appeal, value and lifetime of your property.

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Stamped Concrete Washing & Sealing

Stamped Concrete Washing & Sealing

Call Trotta’s Power Washing Inc. to get your stamped concrete patio and walkway back up to par.  We utilize the very best cleaners and detergents money can buy to ensure the most beautiful looking Stamped Concrete possible. Unlike paver patios, stamped concrete needs sealing, mostly a wet look, solvent based sealer.  To ensure the sealer holds up in Northeast Ohio’s demanding climate, we clean the surface with 2 different types of cleaners. The first will be our biological cleaner that we use on regular concrete and pavers. The 2nd will be an etching cleaner to make sure that our applied sealer will adhere properly to the existing sealer/substrate. Failure to perform this step properly can result in hazy or frosted sealer in the near future. We use a Sherwin Williams product called Clarishield (Solvent Based). This sealer will give you that rich wet look. Preferred application method is with a ¾” nap roller cover/brush, but a pump sprayer can be used as well.

The Importance

Many homeowners today are looking for ways to increase the longevity of their property and exterior surfaces. With home costs down, and the costs of materials and home repairs up, it only makes sense to maintain what you own. Proper maintenance will not only increase curb appeal but can add value to your home as well. Using a good sealing agent will; increase the concrete’s longevity, improve appearance and curb appeal, add to the value of your home, reduce spalling, flaking, and cracking, protect from oil spills and other stains, and prevent mold and mildew resistant.

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