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Residential & Commercial Pressure Washing Services

Trotta's powerful and safe "soft wash" cleaning service blasts away years of dirt, mold and grime, saving you time and improving the curb-appeal, value and lifetime of your property.

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Revive Your Property

Your Property Will Look Like New with Trotta's Power Washing

Trotta's Power Wash effectively removes mold, mildew, dirt, and debris from vinyl, aluminum, and wood siding using our patented low-pressure washing system and a specialized cleaning mixture. Our service ensures the cleanest surface without the risks of traditional high-pressure washing. It's safe for window seals and won't damage your siding. In addition to siding, our power washing service is also used to clean outside gutters, soffits, fascia boards, and windows. We utilize special detergents that effectively break down dirt and mildew, leaving these surfaces clean and refreshed.

Transform Your Home

Trotta's Power Washing & Home Improvement

Improve your property's curb appeal, value, and lifetime with Trotta's. Our services also include:

  • Pressure washing,
  • Wood restoration,
  • Concrete cleaning and sealing,
  • Roof cleaning,
  • Paver restoration,
  • Stamped concrete washing and sealing
  • Interior and exterior painting, and
  • Commercial services.


Why Choose Trotta's Power Washing?

We also offer pressure washing services to effectively eliminate stubborn stains on surfaces such as brick, block, stone, and masonry. Our approach ensures thorough cleaning and removal of grime and buildup, leaving your home looking immaculate. Instead of merely washing away mold, algae, and mildew, we use a proprietary blend of five soaps that target and eradicate lichen at its roots, providing long-lasting protection for your siding.

We had our house power washed and I absolutely will go to Trotta's again the next time we need this service. They did a fantastic job at a reasonable price

Matt Schreiner

Matt Schreiner

We recently hired Trotta’s to do some power washing & refinish our deck. It was done in a timely manner, for a reasonable rate and looks great!

Megan Kirby

Megan Kirby

Great service at a fair price. They did an awesome job pressure washing the 10-year-old grime off of the north side of my house like it was nothing!

Jeffrey Burk

Jeffrey Burk

Get Answers to Your Questions

FAQs about Power Washing Services

What is the Trotta Soft Wash?

We will wash everything vertically from the roof lines and outside of the gutters down, removing all mold, mildew, dirt, and debris. We will not touch your house with a high-pressure washer. Instead of pressure, we use a proprietary blend of soaps and detergents to aid in the removal of those stains rather than just relying on the pressure. Next, we will hand scrub the outside of your gutters to try and return them to as close to the original color as possible. Finally, we rinse the entire home from top to bottom for a finished look.

How can I prepare my home for power washing?

Make sure ALL windows are shut and locked around area(s) being washed. Trotta’s will need at least one water source turned on and available for our use. Trotta’s has the ability to bring in ALL water needed for an additional fee and MUST be discussed prior. Move/remove (if possible) all small items/hanging planters away from areas to be washed. Trotta’s can move these items, however, we are not responsible for any damage to those items resulting from the removal/ washing process.

How can I schedule pressure washing services?

Upon choosing Trotta’s, we will give you an estimated time frame for when we will get the job done. Please keep in mind that our unpredictable weather could delay that time frame so we ask that you please be patient if this occurs. We always call 1 day prior to schedule ALL washing. Trotta’s will also give you a 2-3 hour window when our crew(s) will be there.

Trotta's Power Washing