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Residential & Commercial Pressure Washing Services

Trotta's powerful and safe "soft wash" cleaning service blasts away years of dirt, mold and grime, saving you time and improving the curb-appeal, value and lifetime of your property.

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Interior & Exterior Painting

Our painting capabilities have been massively upgraded with our recent acquisition of Twin Lakes Painting and their entire team!


Exterior Painting Services

Exterior house painting does more than boost your curb appeal. First appearances really make a difference. A clean and pristine exterior helps to make people feel more welcome and sets the expectation for the interior of your home. By paying attention to your curb appeal and the overall aesthetic of your home’s exterior, you can also maximize your properties’ value.

Do you have areas of chipping or cracking paint on the exterior of your home? Is the paint so old and weathered that even power washing doesn’t seem to help? Overall, a coat of paint is also a coat of protectant. If there are any damaged or overly worn areas on your home’s exterior paint, it could lead to further issues down the line. Not only will the wear-and-tear progressively get worse, but it could be an entry point for unwanted elements or pests. Improve the look and feel of your home by enlisting the help of our professionals!

An exterior house painting project can seem like a daunting task. Do you want a timeless shade or a color scheme that’s more bold? Do you need minor repair services along with house painting? From the initial consultation to the last finishing touches, our residential house painter and team are the right choice for the job in Northeast Ohio!

Exterior House Painting Preparation Includes:

  • All exterior surfaces power washed and free of ALL Mold, mildew, dirt and debris.
  • Color Consultation & Schematics
  • Sand & Scrape Peeled/Loose Paint
  • Caulk Hair Cracks & Stationary Seams
  • Prime New, Raw & Exposed Wooden Parts
  • Masking All Windows, Lighting & Other Areas
  • Shield/Cover Landscaping & Hardscaping
  • Stain New Wood (if applicable)
  • Minor Carpentry Work
  • Waterproof
  • Hand Brush/ Roll/ Airless spray, Trotta’s chooses the right application methodyou’re your project.

Interior Painting Services

Are you looking to update the look and feel of your living room? Did you just complete a kitchen or bathroom renovation and now you need painting services to complete the project? Whether you want to revamp your entire house or you are just looking to get one room painted, the interior house painting specialists with Trotta’s Power Washing Inc. have got you covered!

The crew with Trotta’s is the choice for any residential painting job Northeast Ohio. With years of knowledge and experience, we provide quality service from consultation to completion. Using only the highest quality paint from your local Sherwin-Williams store, our professionals can help you achieve any aesthetic you desire.

The first decision that needs to be made before beginning an interior house painting job is to choose which rooms you’d like painted and what color scheme you’re looking for. If you are having trouble picking out colors, our painting contractors would be happy to help! Having completed hundreds of projects in Northeast Ohio, we have experience knowing which hues would work best within your space.

After the color scheme is chosen, there are preparation steps that need to be completed by both our residential house painters and homeowners.

Interior House Painting Preparation Includes:

  • Color Consultation & Schematics
  • Sand & Scrape Peeled/Loose Paint
  • Sand Smooth Surfaces
  • Caulk Hair Cracks & Stationary Seams
  • Patch Cracked, Damaged or Uneven Areas
  • Prime New, Raw & Exposed Wooden Parts
  • Masking All Floors, Lighting & Other Areas
  • Shield/Cover All Furniture
  • Remove Wallpaper (if applicable)
Trotta's Power Washing